This skill permits mages to use spell components to enhance the power of their spells. To benefit from this skill, a mage must wear an open component pouch in the POUCH slot, which contains the components they want to use when they attempt to cast a spell. The mage will then use this skill automatically, using a component of the same sphere as the spell they attempt to cast. The power of the component can be specified using one of the following commands:

Syntax Edit

  • display spellcraft info
  • specify maximum component power to use
   spellcraft [low|mid|high|exceptional]
  • do not use spell components at all
   spellcraft none                         
  • use spell components in the order you have stored them in your pouch
   spellcraft reset

The effect of using components to empower your spells varies, depending on the spell and the power of the component.

Note that powerful components are dangerous, even fatal, and only mages skilled in this art should attempt to utilize them in their spellcasting.

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