• Format:
    • SCRIBE <empty scroll> 'spell name'
    • SCRIBE

This skill will let the user try to scribe a spell to a scroll. You can only scribe spells that you currently have memorized onto an empty scroll. Scribing is not just an exercise in penmanship - it requires great concentration and the ability to cast a spell onto the paper and capture it in the scroll. Since this process requires so much concentration, it can only be repeated after a break.

Capturing a spell to the parchment requires material components to ease the spell into a state suitable for scribing. Each spell requires a different type or combination of components. The exact composition is up to the user to find out.

You will notice that several shopkeepers specializing in arcane paraphernalia sell vellum scrolls of exceptional quality. Spellcasters may use these scrolls to scribe their spells in great detail, including all the fine points, annotations and references usually found in their own spellbooks. As a result, said spellcasters will be able to consult their scrolls in the future in order to relearn spells lost due to carelessness or misfortune.

In addition to the high quality vellum scroll, scribing a spell in this way requires a special catalyst, as well as the usual spell components. Spellcasters around the world have been known to carry such catalysts for their own experiments, and will be extremely reluctant to part with them.

Using scribe with no arguments will list the spell components you are currently carrying - at least the ones that you can identify using your alchemical abilities.

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