• Formats
    • memorize
    • memorize '<spell name>' ...
    • memorize auto
    • memorize stop '<spell name>' ...
  • Examples
memorize 'light' 'magic missile'
Sets these spells to be memorized, if there are empty spell slots available.
memorize stop 'shield'
Removes the 'shield' spell from your memorization queue.
memorize stop
Removes all spells from your memorization queue.
  • Description

The "memorize command is used by all spell-casters to control the spells that they memorize and can then cast. The argument 'auto' is used to toggle your auto-memorization flag. If the flag is on, then any spells you cast will be placed back on the memorization list for you.

The argument 'stop' is used for stopping memorization of particular spells or, if no spells are specified, all spells currently being memorized will be removed from the memorization list. You may specify a list of spells to stop memorizing.

When you specify spells, you will being (or stop) memorizing them. The time it takes to finish memorizing your spell9s) depends on which spell(s) you are currently memorizing, the level of the spell you have just begin memorizing, and the phase of your alignment's moon if you are a mage. You don't have to reset or sit to memorize although your studies will take less time in these positions. However, you won't memorize if you are fighting, dying or unable to read your spellbook (for instance, if it is dark or if you are sleeping). You may specify a list of spells to begin memorizing.

Specifying no argument will list spells you have memorized, those you are currently memorizing, estimated time of completing your current memorization session, and how many spells you can memorize at each spell level. Please note that the completion time is estimated. Only under certain conditions does one actually memorize spells in their memorization list, often at a time penalty (if not resting). Otherwise, the time does not 'advance' for the memorization time of your list. The output will be:

Spells currently memorized:
1: [ 1]bless                [ 1]create food          [ 1]create water
   [ 2]cure light
3: [ 1]poison
5: [ 1]holy aura
6: [ 1]harm                 [ 1]summon               [ 2]heal
   [ 1]word of recall
7: [ 1]animate dead

Spells on memorization list:
3: [ 1]fear

Spells left (level-number): 1-4 2-9 3-6 4-8 5-6 6-1 7-2

The numbers on the left are the spell levels. The numbers in []'s indicate the number of copies of that spell are being or have been memorized.

For example:

    7: [ 2]animate dead      [ 1]gate

indicates that you have 2 'animate dead' spells and 1 'gate' spell currently memorized and both spells are level 7 spells

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