Magic Blast
cast 'magic blast' [opponent]
Nominal to massive
  • Description

The caster attempts to spray the victim with a blast of magic. The amount of damage caused increases with caster level.

The victim may save against spell for half damage.

  • Component Casting:
    • Increased damage.

Learned Edit

Zeeriak Village
Kill 'a renegade mage', in the room with 'Rubec', to spawn 'a wizened old magic user' and then Learn.

Notes Edit

Magic Blast is located in the Zeeriak Village, south and east of Tarsis. Go all south from Tarsis fountain, going east and then south again whenever you can. Eventually you will be going all east and be inside of the village. North of where the bartender Rubec is, there is a renegade mage. Kill the man in black first, otherwise he will assist Rubec, then kill Rubec. In the room with the renegade mage are two aggressive mobs, a slender gambler and a one-eyed thug. Kill them both, then kill the renegade mage. Once he is dead, a wizened old mage will be there waiting to teach Magic Blast.